Staff You Should Know

Daryl Arnold
Daryl ArnoldSenior Pastor
Specialty: empowering locally and impacting globally; reaching nations and generations.
Fave saying: Give that to me in the ghetto version (i.e. The Message Bible).
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Carmeisha Arnold
Carmeisha ArnoldPastor's Wife
Specialty: Director of the OBC Counseling Center and Women’s Ministry (Victorious Women).
Fave Saying: Wow!
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Kim Watkins
Kim WatkinsExecutive Pastor
Specialty: Pastor’s administrative right hand. If you want to know how the ministry is run and proper procedure to follow, this is the person you need to see.
Fave Saying: I got this!
Stan Carter
Stan CarterElder
Specialty: New Members Bible Bootcamp.
Fave Saying: When are you going to make some more bean pies?
Nicole Chandler
Nicole ChandlerMinister
Specialty: OBC auxiliary ministries.
Fave saying: Oooo-WEE!
Linda Smith
Linda SmithMinister
Specialty: Dean of Ministers In Training.
Fave Saying: Yes, I’m from Gary, Indiana but I do not know the Jackson 5.
Gladys Farmer
Gladys FarmerMinister
Specialty: Baptism. If you need to be baptized, this is the person to see.
Fave Saying: I love you!
Ebony Petty
Ebony PettyMinister
Specialty: Baby dedications. If you have a child that needs to be dedicated/christened, this is the person to see.
Fave Saying: Are you saved? No? Then no, you cannot get my number.
Ty Roberts
Ty RobertsMinister
Specialty: Worship Coordinator: Music and Worship Arts.
Fave Saying: I need my blanket.
Yasheta Mcdaniel Hardin
Yasheta Mcdaniel HardinDirector of Media
Specialty: Media (audio and video).
Fave Saying: I just love my job!
Don Carter
Don CarterDeacon
Specialty: Finance
Fave Saying: Who is it?
Willie Watkins
Willie WatkinsDeacon
Specialty: Men’s ministry and transportation.
Fave saying: Hey family!
Kayretta Stokes
Kayretta StokesAdministrative Assistant
Specialty: Assisting the Executive Pastor.
Fave Saying: Trust me when I tell you.
Betty Conley
Betty ConleyMinister
Specialty: Greeters/ushers.
Fave Saying: What kind of cake do you like?
Venus Styles
Venus StylesDirector - Fit for the Kingdom
Specialty: Fit for the Kingdom: promoting healthy spirits, souls/minds and bodies.
Fave Saying: You got this!
Mother Ann Upton
Mother Ann UptonH.E.L.P.S. Ministry
Specialty: Helping everyone. Loving people. Serving.
Fave Saying: Loose that money!

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